Welcome to Wedge + Fig! We're a cheese-bistro in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. If you like carefully chosen cheese, hearty soups or salads, and inspired sandwiches, you've found the right spot! From Quicke's Farmhouse cheddar to Fourme d'Ambert to Maytag Blue, our menu features the best of the world's cheeses. Want to build your own sammie? Check out our grilled cheese bar! Add bacon and tomato to Havarti on whole wheat. A little truffled honey or chutney might jazz it up even more. Leave room for dessert. We bake a large selection of delicious indulgences in house: goat cheese cheesecake (darling tuffets drizzled with caramel sauce), coconut macaroons, peanut butter cookies, lemon bars . . . Our selection changes daily. In the evenings, bring a bottle of wine and let us pair it with our scrumptious cheeses. Our case is packed full of foreign favorites and local lovelies. Sit inside in our dining room or outside in our secluded garden. We're a neighborhood joint where flavor and friendliness are always on the menu. See you soon!